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Action-A-Day 3/31: Mark Your Calendar for the April 15 Tax March

Release the Tax Returns!

We deserve answers about President Trump’s business dealings and assets. What are his potential conflicts of interest and ties? Has he even paid taxes?

 April 15th, Tax Day, thousands of Americans in more than 100 rallies nationwide will demand that the President open up about his taxes. Can you attend? RSVP on Facebook today, and invite your friends to go with you.

Baltimore Tax March
Mckeldin Square
Baltimore, Maryland
April 15th, 10:00 AM
Click here to RSVP TODAY! 

Transparency and accountability demand that President Trump release his returns, just like all past presidents regardless of political party.

Let’s show Trump that the American people do care what’s in his tax returns, and we will not stop until he releases them.


The Tax March will take place across the country, and other area locations include Gaithersburg and Washington D.C. Visit the website for more locations and information:

Thanks to Common Cause for this action idea: