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Action-A-Day 3/22: Urge Congress to Continue Funding for Public Broadcasting

ACTION Urge Congress to continue the essential funding for public media & your local PBS station.

BACKGROUND The Trump Administration's proposed 2018 budget includes massive cuts to the arts, sciences and the poor. The budget would eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports public TV and radio stations, including PBS and (indirectly) National Public Radio.

Without this funding, PBS stations in some rural areas could be forced to shut down or drastically cut programs.

From the Protect My Public Media petition: "The federal investment in public media is relatively small – roughly $1.35 per American taxpayer annually. Cutting funding won’t erase our national debt. But it will devastate our communities. Public media funding enables local stations to provide virtually every household – over 98 percent of the U.S. – with thousands of hours of free, noncommercial programming and services."

A great investment

  • Public broadcasting is one of America's best investments - just about $1.35 per citizen each year.
  • For every $100 of federal spending, public broadcasting receives just a penny.
  • 200 million people watch PBS each year.

Supporting education

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics points to PBS Kids as a leading resource for educational programming.
  • The PBS Ready To Learn Initiative produces educational resources proven to advance the school readiness skills of young children, particularly those in low-income communities.

Opening a window to a wider world
Jason's Story video (:59) 
How PBS made it possible for a young man growing up in a crime-ridden area to discover the world beyond his neighborhood.


1. Contact your legislators. Briefly and politely ask for their support of federal funding for public broadcasting and ask them to vote against the Trump budget. Make sure they know you are a constituent. If you don't already have the contact info for your Members of Congress saved to your phone, you can look them up here:
Senator Ben Cardin
Senator Chris Van Hollen

2. Since it's likely that Senators Cardin & Van Hollen, and Rep. Jamie Raskin, will oppose Trump's proposed budget, you can make the greatest difference by getting friends & family in other areas (especially those with Republican reps) involved in speaking out about these cuts. Reassure those who have never contacted their Members of Congress that the calls are quick and painless.

3. Sign the petition:

4. Share content from @ValuePBS -- use the tag #ILovePBS
The Value of PBS website
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Twitter @ValuePBS

5. Show your support for PBS with the I ❤️ PBS Facebook button. To add this frame to your profile photo, go to and search for PBS.

6. Share YOUR PBS story. What shows are important to you & your family? How do they enrich your life? Post your story on Twitter or Facebook and tag it with #ILovePBS.

Graphics & summary story of #45 budget proposal:

Why We Can't Give Up Funding Public Broadcasting -- Opinion piece by Lisa Henson (Newsweek, 3/17/17)…
" My father (Jim Henson) instilled in me and his company the optimism that comes with believing that people are basically good, that we are all in this world together, and that we should look out for each other. So much of the children’s programming on PBS reflects these simple ideas, and it is programming that is worth protecting."

What happens next for President Trump's new budget?
USA Today, 3/16/17…/what-happens-next-with-…/99252900/