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Action-A-Day 3/20: Safe Spaces through all of CCPS

ACTION: Contact the Carroll County Public Schools Board of Education members to ask that the guidelines outlined in the MSDE Publication entitled, “PROVIDING SAFE SPACES FOR TRANSGENDER AND GENDER NONCONFORMING YOUTH: GUIDELINES FOR GENDER IDENTITY NON-DISCRIMINATION” be implemented system-wide. You can email the entire board through using the email form found here.

SAMPLE EMAIL SCRIPT (this is a sample, please make it your own):
Dear Trusted CCPS Board of Ed Members,

Thank you for the work you have done thus far to promote equality in our school system. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to our transgender students. As you are aware, policies and procedures for addressing our LGBTQ+ students and safe spaces have been left up to the principal of each school. The right to be called by the correct name, referred to using the correct pronouns and the ability to use the correct bathroom are rights every student should have, and not something that should vary from school to school. Every school in CCPS should be a safe space for our students, regardless of who they are and whether their teacher agrees with the student’s identity.

I am writing today to ask that the CCPS BOE adopt the guidelines outlined in MSDE’s “PROVIDING SAFE SPACES FOR TRANSGENDER AND GENDER NONCONFORMING YOUTH: GUIDELINES FOR GENDER IDENTITY NON-DISCRIMINATION” as official policy, system wide. Additionally, I am asking that CCPS BOE implement a requirement that every CCPS employee who comes in contact with students (from the principal to the food service workers) be required to attend a Safe Space training.

One of CCPS’s core values is to provide an equitable educational opportunity for all students and that cannot be accomplished without educators who are trained on how to provide support and safe spaces for their LGBTQ+ students. Thank you for your time. I have included the links to MSDE’S Providing Safe Spaces guide, as well as to the GLSEN Safe Space Program and the website for PFLAG Carroll County.

Snail mail letters to the CCPS BOE Members at 125 N Court St Westminster MD 21157 or call them.
Devon Rothschild 410-756-0714
Bob Lord 443-522-0180
Virginia Harrison 410-795-8521
Marsha Herbert (no phone number listed)
Donna Sivigny (no phone number listed)
Matthew Johnson (student representative) 410-386-1670

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Email the Commissioners of Carroll County to share your concern with wanting Safe Space regulations and training implemented uniformly system wide via

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Email the principals of all of the CCPS high schools to ask them to adopt MSDE’s “PROVIDING SAFE SPACES FOR TRANSGENDER AND GENDER NONCONFORMING YOUTH: GUIDELINES FOR GENDER IDENTITY NON-DISCRIMINATION” as official policy for their school and to ask them to require all of their staff to attend a Safe Space training.
Century High School / Mr. Troy Barnes /
Francis Scott Key High School / Mr. John Baugher /
Liberty High School / Mr. Kenneth Goncz /
Manchester Valley High School / Mr. Thomas Clowes /
South Carroll High School / Mrs. Diane Cooper /
Westminster High School / Mr. Jeffrey Hopkins /
Winters Mill High School / Mr. Eric King /
Carroll County Career and Technology Center / Mr. William Eckles /
The Gateway School / Mr. Bryan Wetzel /
Carroll Springs School / Ms. Gretchen Rockafellow /

BACKGROUND INFO: Maryland does not currently have any legislation related to transgender students and bathroom usage. The requirements around educators being trained in multi-culturalism is vague and does not mandate that educators receive training of any kind specific to LGBTQ+ issues. MSDE has published an excellent guide for Maryland Public Schools to use, related to providing safe spaces for transgender and gender non-conforming youth. Presently, CCPS BOE has left it up to each school’s principal to decide the school’s policies on safe spaces and whether GLSEN’s Safe Space stickers can be displayed. Some are extremely supportive, and others have a long way to go (likely due to a lack of training in this area). These guidelines need to be converted to regulations that are implemented system wide as opposed to being left up to choice. LGBTQ+ students need support, regardless of their school district.

In case you missed it, here is the PowerPoint from tonight’s Transgender Support 101 Training.