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Action-A-Day 3/16: Make America Dinner Again


Download the Guide and Plan to Host Your Own “Make America Dinner Again”


It’s a dinner party with a goal to really listen and to be heard, and it's based on a model created by a pair of women who did plenty of planning and trial and error to get the formula right. You’ll use their formula to invite guests who have differing views on a current topic and carefully plan and host a dinner party according to the “Make America Dinner Again” (MADA) Guide. Download the guide here:

From the website: “It is no secret that the results of the 2016 election have highlighted great divides in opinion, whether between family, neighbors, or perfect strangers. In an attempt to build understanding and move forward together, we'd like to invite people to sit down and have dinner. There are many avenues to protest, to donate, to fight, to be heard; Make America Dinner Again is an avenue to listen.

“These small dinners consist of respectful conversation, guided activities, and delicious food shared among 6-10 guests who have differing political viewpoints, and our country's best interests at heart.”


The guide covers everything from planning the guest list to choosing the venue and menu, to guiding your guests in conversation.

  • You’ll gather a balanced group of people, including 2 moderators and 6-10 guests, all with contrasting opinions who genuinely want to discuss our country’s challenges. Reach out to members of Carroll CAN and other local groups to create a well-balanced group, politically.
  • You’ll choose the right venue, considering pros and cons including location and atmosphere.
  • You’ll learn different ways to budget for the meal, whether you decide to take up donations or have a potluck.
  • You’ll plan a schedule for the day of the dinner, including a welcome period with ice-breakers and time to set the tone for the gathering. You’ll pair people who have different perspectives. Activities will focus on allowing these partners to share their perspectives on current topics with each other and then with the whole group. The final activity is to find common ground on hopes for our country and how to get there.

More reading about MADA:

Will you plan to “Make America Dinner Again?” Please discuss in the comments what you think of this idea, and whether you’d like to try it.