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Action-A-Day 3/10: Join the March to Protect Our Schools

ACTION: Join the March to Protect Our Schools on Monday 3/13 at 5 p.m. at MSEA Headquarters (140 Main Street in Annapolis).

Protect public education with hundreds of educators and NEA President Lily Eskelsen García at MSEA’s March and Lobby Night! After a short speaking program, we’ll begin the March around 5:45 p.m. and head up to the State House to see legislators and ask them to protect our schools.

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Why the March?

Pass the Less Testing, More Learning Act of 2017 (HB461/SB452).

The bill—sponsored by Del. Eric Luedtke (D-Montgomery-District 14) and Sen. Roger Manno (D-Montgomery-District 19)—would limit federal, state, and district mandated testing to 2% of annual instruction time. That is 21.6 hours in elementary and middle schools and 23.4 hours in high schools. Seventeen districts currently have at least one grade level above the 2% threshold.

Stand up to the State Board!

Help ensure that Maryland’s ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) plan isn’t just a retread No Child Left Behind. Resist the State Board’s disastrous plan to forcibly convert public schools to charter schools and redirect precious school funding to failed voucher programs.

Defeat Gov. Hogan’s Privatization Agenda!

The governor wants to lower standards for charter schools, increase charter funding to eclipse that of traditional public schools, and fund private school vouchers with your taxpayer dollars. March with MSEA to stand up for what you believe in—public education and the rights of students, families, and communities to have the best neighborhood schools and the best opportunities to succeed in life.