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Action-A-Day 2/9 : Tell Rep. Andy Harris that the ACA helped your family

ACTION: Contact Maryland District 1 Representative and tell him that you and your family

rely on the protections offered by the affordable care act. You can reach him in his Bel Air

office at  410-588- 5670, his Kent Island office at 410-643- 5425, or his Salisbury office at

443-944- 8624

SCRIPT: Hello, I am calling to voice to Representative Harris that I am a constituent living

in XXX (city and county) and I am very concerned about losing some of the protections my

family enjoys under the Affordable Care Act. My family uses the provision for equal

coverage for mental health expenses on a weekly basis. Without mental health being

covered by my insurance company, my family members would not be able to get the help

they need to succeed. My family also relies on the requirement for employers to provide

safe, hygienic place for employees to pump breast milk. I (or my wife) used (or currently

need) the safe pumping location when we had our children. Without a hygienic location

to pump, I (or my wife) would have been forced to pump in a bathroom, where bacteria

could contaminate breast milk and cause my infant to become ill. Please preserve these

and other elements of the affordable care act! ***(Please feel free to incorporate a

personal story here instead of using this)

BACKGROUND INFO: There are many extremely popular provisions of the affordable care

act that will die with its repeal. Many opponents of the ACA do not realize that some of

the improvements in health care and in particular elements such as the ones I listed

above are part of the affordable care act.