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Action-A-Day 2/28: Sign the online open letter to WHS


Follow the link below to read and sign the online open letter/petition in support of our county's most vulnerable citizens: our youth and their families. Last week local, state and national headlines were made regarding the actions of the administration, some teachers and students at Westminster High School, in Westminster MD.  The School Principal has made statements and taken action. Students are set to show solidarity with one another. And the board of education is set to make new polices which will have impacts on freedom of speech and art in our schools. Several local online and Facebook groups are working to support the students as they lead the community through issues of fairness and discrimination. Take action now to support equality. Add your voice to help ensure everyone is working in the best interests of the students and help public education be the best it can be.


Open Letter to Westminster High School Community & to The Citizens of Carroll County

To further support the students go to the new student Facebook page, We The People WHS for updates on how the community can support  student-led efforts.


Attend the rally Friday 3/3/17 at the Board of Education Office. More info here.

Read the following published opinion and news pieces:

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