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Urgent Action 2/21: Tell CCPS to Promote Diversity

URGENT Official Carroll CAN Action

ACTION: Call and/or email the CCPS school board members TODAY 2/21/2017 (voicemails and emails can even be sent after business hours) to voice your opinion on the Westminster High teachers who were forced to remove their “We The People” posters from their classrooms. These posters promote an America that is diverse and inclusive. The school board will be meeting 2/22/17 with legal counsel to discuss this issue.

Devon Rothschild 410-756-0714

Virginia Harrison410-795-8521

Donna Sivigny

Bob Lord 443-522-0180

Marsha Herbert

Matthew Johnson 410-386-1670

You can also email the entire board at once through their online email form at

SCRIPT: I am writing to express my disappointment regarding the removal of the “We the People” posters at Westminster High. I would be grateful if there could be a more thorough explanation to let the community know what was discovered via the research CCPS has conducted to deem it too political. Neutrality is not easy, as there are lots of blurry lines. 

Shepard Fairey created the poster art because he wanted to “provide encouragement to those who feel powerless and deflated.” The posters at Westminster were very patriotic and inclusive. To some in your student body, especially Muslim students, LGBTQ+ students, and students of color, these posters may have become the mark of a safe space. Carroll County often doesn’t feel like a county that embraces diversity and CCPS sadly reflects this at times. It can be difficult to feel welcome here. Students sometimes feel powerless because they are young. I can’t help but wonder how the students who viewed the posters as a safe space feel now? Perhaps, they saw themselves in the posters? What is CCPS doing to create an environment where students feel safe? 

BACKGROUND INFO: Westminster High school teachers were ordered to remove their “We The People” posters from their classrooms. The posters are prints of art by Shepard Fairey and were posted to promote diversity. Carroll County spokeswoman Carey Gaddis alleges that the posters are being banned because they are believed to be anti-trump.

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