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Action-A-Day 2/2: Show Ready and Krebs that opposition to Muslim Ban is not an overreaction

Official Carroll CAN #Action #Calltoaction #FederalCallToAction item for Thursday 02/02/2017

ACTION: Call Justin Ready and Susan Krebs (contact info in comments section). Their comments indicate that they side with ban and that they think that people who are opposing it are overreacting. We are trying to emphasize the point that the list appears to be handpicked and that certain nations were likely excluded due to dealings with Trump’s business empire. We are trying to open the discussion with this call to action. There is a strong possibility that Krebs and Ready have not fully read the order, examined its implications, or closely compared it to the 2011 Iraq visa order.

SAMPLE SCRIPT: Hello. I am [NAME], a constituent from Carroll County, MD and I am calling today in response to the comments you made to the Carroll County Times in regards to President Trump’s Immigration executive order issued 1/27/17. The order and supplemental fact sheet are specific to 7 countries. There have been no fatal attacks in the US from any of those countries in over 2 decades. With President Trump’s refusal to fully separate from his business empire, the American people can’t help but wonder the countries that have committed acts of terror on American soil since 9/11, such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt, are benefiting because of their financial dealings with President Trump. What are your thoughts as to why the countries of origin for terrorists who have murdered Americans have been excluded from this list?

BACKGROUND: The comments made by Krebs and Ready to the CCT in response to Trump’s executive order.

Executive Order:

Annotated copy of Executive Order from NPR:

Executive Order Fact Sheet:

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