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Action-A-Day 2/16: Let Rep Harris know that Carroll County NEEDS to be heard

Action-A-Day 2/16


Action: Contact Andy Harris to tell him that he needs to hear the voice of his Carroll County constituents. He has failed to see to it that his website allows access for ALL of his constituents to schedule meetings with him. Demand that we want to see ALL of his district represented with IN PERSON town hall meetings, not tele town halls where guests are selected and called. If possible, please use ALL of the contact methods below. Rep Andy Harris needs to know that his constituents demand to be represented. Harris has publicly stated that he will not hold any in person town hall meetings until the GOP replacement for the ACA is put forward in congress.


Bel Air Office P 410-588-5670 F 410-588-5673

Kent Island Office P 410-643-5425 F 410-643-5429

Salisbury Office P 443-944-8624 F 443-944-8625

DC Office P 202-225-5311 F 202-225-0254
Twitter @RepAndyHarrisMD



SAMPLE SCRIPT (RE-WORD AS YOU WISH): Carroll County is part of your district, and we are entitled to have access to our elected officials. It has been a week since your office was notified that Carroll County is not an option for scheduling a meeting with Rep. Harris on his website. The issue is yet to be resolved and is making your Carroll County constituents feel even more isolated and out of touch with our Representative. 

Additionally, we want Rep Harris to attend our in person town hall Thursday March 2nd. Invitations have been delivered in person, by email, through your website, facebook and USPS, with no response. You are chosen to be a leader for all of the people in your District, and your Constituents want to meet face-to-face with you so that you can hear our concerns. We have worked very hard to keep our event focused on the ACA and not party lines. Rep Harris was the only Maryland federal elected official to vote in favor of repealing the ACA.

Telephone town halls Rep Harris is holding are not sufficient as they deny access to many of his constituents. They are being held as invitation only and in select districts, with little prior notification. Rep Harris was elected to represent his District in Washington but he has turned a deaf ear on many of us.

ADDITIONAL ACTION: Mary O'Keefe of Harri's Bel Air Office P 410-588-5670 F 410-588-5673 has stated that she plans to attend the Taneytown Business Breakfast on the 2nd Friday of every month. This even it open to the public and has a $10 fee which includes your meal. Please consider attending this event and sharing your concerns about Harris's support of an ACA repeal, without a proper replacement and also about his dismissal of his constituents in Carroll County.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: As of today, Carroll County is still not listed as one of his districts on the “schedule a meeting” drop down of his website. This error prohibits some of his constituents from meeting with him since the only way to schedule a meeting is by using the online form. This error was reported to his office 7 days ago and at the time of this writing, has still not been corrected. Anne Arundel County (not in his district) can schedule a meeting with Harris using his online form but Carroll County (which IS is his district) cannot.


Additionally, Andy Harris has a history of avoiding contact with his constituents and hosting telephone town halls where constituents are invited by robo call, and only in selected areas which alienates a lot of his district. Andy has ignored the requests for the 4 ACA town halls being held in his district but his staffers are now beginning to tell callers that he will not be attending any of the schedule town halls and instead he will be holding his own telephone town halls.


Rep Harris has received in person, email, social media, usps mail, and telephone invitations for the following in person ACA Town Halls, in addition to the “Invite Me to Speak” form on his website:

Tuesday, February 21, 6:30 pm, Harford Community College, Darlington Hall, Room 202, Bel Air

Thursday, February 23, 6 pm, Queen Anne’s County Library, 200 Library Circle, Stevensville

Friday, February 24, 6 pm, Salvation Army, 429 N Lake Drive, Salisbury

Thursday, March 2, 6 pm, St Paul’s UCC, 17 Bond Street, Westminster




From 2/15/17

We will be starting our usual teletownhalls, as we have always done (over 50 since my election!). The first confirmed teletown hall will take place tomorrow night at 5:00pm. I will be calling nearly 80,000 constituents who live in the northern portion of the district and inviting them to join the event. Unfortunately we will be unable to take calls from elsewhere on this teletown hall because, due to House Administration rules, Members of Congress are forbidden from using Congressional funds to have contact with individuals living outside of their districts, and if we had a Call-in number and it was used by an individual living outside of the district, that would create an illegal use of taxpayer funds.

My office is working tirelessly to include as many constituents as possible in this event, and if we are unable to reach your part of the district for this teletown hall, we will be having more events in the near future. For those of you who want to hear what's going on now, I will also be posting the full audio recording of the town hall on my website after the conclusion of the event. I am looking forward to discussing several important issues with you all on these teletownhalls!

Thank you,

Congressman Andy Harris, M.D.”