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Action-A-Day 2/11: Self-Care Saturday - SH!T List/WISH list/THANK YOU list

ACTION: Make a SH!T list, WISH list and THANK YOU list

BACKGROUND INFO: Resistance fatigue is REAL. Your efforts are adding momentum to an amazing series of movements but sometimes you need to step back to reflect.We need to remind ourselves that this a marathon and NOT a sprint.

HOW: From Write “Sh!t List” at the top of the page and then let it rip. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation or grammar. Don’t even worry about forming complete sentences or making any kind of sense at all. This is YOUR sh!t list and you can put anything and everything you want on it, from the horrors in the world to the horrors of having to wash another sinkful of dishes (and everything in between). No one has to read it! This is just for you. Think of it as your personal exorcism. Your chance to vent, unload, confess and complain without having to apologize to anyone.

Once you are emptied out of all that is draining you right now, go to a clean page and write “Wish List.” Here are your dreams for the world, for your friends, for your family and for yourself. Here is the space to vision and imagine and create. Go wild. Create your own personal utopia. Why not?

At last you are ready for your "Thank You" list. What exists in the world, in your life, right now, exactly as it is, that you are grateful for? My mother once put it to me this way: imagine anything you don’t write on your gratitude list might be taken away. That makes sh!t real, doesn’t it?  Do you have arms, legs, fresh food and water? Do you have someone to love whether it’s a child, adult or cat? Do you have clothing and shelter and a friend? Can you order pizza and have it delivered RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR? There’s a lot to be grateful for right here and now. Give yourself a chance to remember that. It will give you renewed energy when there’s work to be done.