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Action-A-Day Tuesday 12/5/17: Have you Called Yet? Make calls to Republican Law Makers to STOP the unfair, unbalanced TaxReform plans. It's not too late.


Call GOP Senators and let them know you do not approve of the Tax Reforms either in process or practice.


  1. Use the Script provided to call GOP Senators and Congressional Representatives to voice your deep dissatisfaction with the TaxCuts and Job Act.  This disastrous Bill MUST not pass.

Sample Script:  I am calling to let Senator ______________  know that I strongly oppose any vote in support Of the TaxReform Bill.  The process was not transparent and no public hearings were held; A vote was taken on a bill that was still being written mere  hours before the vote. This bill will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit, and perhaps even more.  And it will also permanently benefit corporate interests while devastating individuals and de-stabilizing the healthcare market. Senator, stop overlooking the will and wishes of your constituents. I will not forget your prior vote. You now have an opportunity to fix this problem. Do not continue to rush this bill through.  More than 60% of All Americans are against this bill. 

 GOP/Democratic Senators contact information here:

2). Share this with your rapid response teams, friends and family members.

3). Call your Democratic Representatives who voted No, and thank them for holding the line against Increased debt and the widening of income inequality into oligarchy.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Tax Reform effort is still ongoing.  Two separate bills passed; one in the Senate and the other in the House.  Now a reconciliation of the two different bills must occur then each house must vote to pass the new, revised “same” edition.  If both houses pass it, it goes to #45 for a signature.  Once signed it becomes the law of the land.  America deserves better.  The people need to be first in this tax plan.  


“House Speaker Paul Ryan claimed to want a “middle-class tax cut” and “a system that’s more fair, much simpler.” That is not what’s on the table. Under the Republican plan, Americans in the middle receive modest tax cuts ranging from a few hundred dollars for those in the 40th percentile of income to $1,430 for those in the 80th percentile. The vast majority of benefits go to the highest income earners. The top 1 percent receive an average cut of $34,130. The top 0.1 percent get a cut of $85,640. And while the middle-class tax cuts are temporary, the rate reductions that give benefits to high-earners are not. The effect, in 10 years, is a middle-class tax hike. By 2027, those in the middle quintile—making $40,000 to $50,000—would pay a combined $5.3 billion more in taxes, while those earning more than $1 million would pay $5.8 billion less. Overall, the richest 20 percent of households will reap 90 percent of the benefits of the Republican proposals.”

From Rule to Ruin,  “But in forging this path to power, the GOP abandoned any commitment to the public interest. The result is rule and ruin from a Republican Party that holds power but wields it in destructive, irresponsible ways.”


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