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Action -A-Day, Tuesday. 12/18/17. Rapid Response Needed TODAY: Tax Reform Vote is Imminent! This Bill Unfairly Punishes Youth, Children and Future Taxpayers.


1). Call these members of congress and ask them to vote NO on the rushed tax bill.  Do they know what is in the final version? Or how it will affect the constituents?  The American people deserve better.  Slow it down.

2). Call The Maryland Members of Senate and thank them for standing tall and saying NO to the horrendous Tax Bill.  Let's do Tax Reform right; Make it fair and balance the budget NOT increase the deficit and debt to give handouts, entitlements to the wealthiest people. 

3) Contact your Rapid Response Teams and ask them to call these Senators today:

Susan Collins of Maine.  (202) 224-2523 Tell her to fight for fiscal conservatism.  Don't raise the debt with tax cuts for the wealthy, and higher taxes for middle America.

Bob Corker of Tennessee. (202) 224-3344.  He is concerned mostly that this bill increases the deficit. Encourage him to vote no.  Vote No to the Corker-Kickback.

Jeff Flake of Arizona.  (202) 224-4521 He is concerned this bill increases the deficit. Encourage him to vote no.  Tell Jeff Flake No to the CorkerKickbacks, which prove votes for entitlement to the wealthy in congress are more important than a rising deficit and debt.

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. (202) 224-5323 He is concerned this bill codifies passthrough tax exemptions for the wealthy, allowing business owners and large corporate owners to avoid paying any personal taxes by claiming all their money is part and parcel of their business.  The Corker Kickback is evidence that he needs to vote his conscience and say NO!

Joe Donnelly of Indiana. (202) 224-4814. Encourage him that this bill is bad for working people. Let him know we heard his statements supporting working Americans and appreciate his bipartisanship;  we recognize that he can do what's right for America, and NOT INCREASE the deficit and debt;  the wealthiest people do not need entitlements.  This tax reform still hurts those Americans who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families through education and hard work.

Sample Script:  Senator_______________________  This Tax Reform bill will unfairly hurt working Americans in many ways.  Not least of all is the widening gap created between the rich and middle classes, pushing the middle more to the bottom.  The pass-through allowances announced this weekend also spotlight the huge personal gains for very targeted members of congress.  This is a thin veil for votes:  The Corker-Kickback…. It is the worst of greed and will do real harm by raising the debt even higher.  This bill was forged in the dark and hasn't answered fundamental questions for voters.   The voters will not forget this injustice.  This bill also unfairly burdens children and youth and future taxpayers.  Do not pass this bill

BACKGROUND Support for the Tax bill is low and partisan.  These two hallmarks generally mean that the legislation is probably not good for most people.  In most surveys it garners a meager 30% approval rating from American Taxpayers, making it one of the least popular pieces of legislation of all time.  Additionally, many of those polled (including members of congress) don't really know what is in the bill or how it will affect them personally.  Regardless, The House and Senate are poised to vote before Christmas.  It is likely to move through the House on Tuesday (today) and through The Senate on Wednesday (tomorrow).

And while many of the unpopular elements have been modified; it appears to still be true that most people who may get a break in the first couple years, will be greatly hurt by this tax code ever after that. Futures Taxpayers, the Youth and Children will be damaged by this bill.   Furthermore, Paul Ryan has ‘vowed’  that the congress will make up the additional debt (up to $1.7 Trillion)  by “gutting Medicare and Medicaid in 2019”.

There is still hope in the Senate to stop this bill. But calls need to be made today!  This bill is still unpopular because it increases the debt, harms Dreamers, increases the widening financial inequality gap, and hurts people in the working classes the most.


Quotes from The Huffington Post:

“As a teacher I can’t write off the meager tax deduction I get to buy my supplies but a millionaire can write off his private jet,” 

 “The rich get a windfall. Working people get screwed.”


Articles about the Corker Kickback:


What does the current version do differently?  Do we even know the implications of all the last minute changes?