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Action-A-Day, Tuesday, 12/14/17—— Stop Appointing Extreme Judges for Lifetime Positions and Hold Proper Inquiries Before These Appointments are Made.


1).  Call your Senators and urge them to take action to stop appointments of extreme judges who may not be vetted properly.

2) Call or email or send postcards to Mitch McConnell and tell him the American People deserve fairness and Integrity on the benches in our courts.  Stop the mad dash to appoint extreme judges now!

Sample script: Attention Senator ________________ I do not approve of the rapid placement/process appointing   extreme Judges on the U S Circuit Court or on the US Court of Appeals.  These appointments are being rushed by Mitch McConnell and what appears to be reckless members of the GOP. Please slow this process down and vet these candidates so all Americans can have confidence in the judiciary branch for generations to come.

BACKGROUND  Today the Senate voted 50 to 48 to confirm Leonard Grasz to the US Circuit Court.  In all, this week the Senate intends to vote to confirm three nominees for lifetime appointments on the US Circuit Court and US Court of Appeals. Leonard Grasz was unanimously rated “not qualified" by the American Bar Association and this claim raises doubts about his ability to be impartial.   Don Willett has shown a willingness to have his judicial decisions based on his personal views. These are often anti-LGBTQ and also anti-worker. James Ho has written that the US should “abolish all restrictions on campaign finance”. He has helped defend the use of torture while working in the Bush administration Office of Legal Counsel and he has often sided with extreme anti-LGBTQ stances.  Several other judges including some women being considered for appointments hold even more radical positions against marriage equality and abortion issues.

Not only are these nominations extreme choices, they are also being recklessly rushed through the confirmation process. All three men this week, received hearings less than a month ago and were voted out of the Senate Judiciary committee on December 7, merely days before their final confirmation votes. This is clearly an attempt by the Senate GOP to pack the US federal court system with extreme judicial choices. It is noteworthy that they are all white, male and young: in their 40s-early 50s; And were chosen and recommended to Trump by the right wing Federalist Society and The Heritage Foundation.  It is also worth noting this is an administration currently under federal investigation itself.

The US Circuit Court and US Court of Appeals are crucial court levels, often the last stop for many cases. People confirmed to these positions have the power to influence our law and legal precedents for generations. The Senate must exercise their full power to serve as a check on the executive branch and properly vet these candidates before confirming them, instead of simply rubber-stamping them for political- partisan reasons.


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** Thanks to the efforts of the team at 5 CALLS from which this CTA was adapted.