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Action-A-Day 12/12/17—— Support the Special Counsel Independent Protection Act


1).   Make calls to the entire State Delegation of the Senate and Congress to request that they support House Bill, H.R. 3654 and Senate Bill S. 1735.  These are identical bills in each house which provide protections for Special Counsel and Independent Investigators such as Mr. Robert Mueller.  These protections are essential for Justice to prevail.

Sample Script:   Congressman ________________ , please support and pass H.R. 3654, The Special Counsel Independent Protection Act.   We need to ensure the public has faith in the fair pursuit of Justice.  And we need Special Prosecutors and Investigators to be free to do their jobs to it's just conclusion .

Sample Script:  Senator ______________________, please support and pass S. 1735, The Special Independence Protection Act. We need to ensure the public has faith in the fair pursuit of justice. And we need special prosecutor's and investigators to be free to do their jobs to it’s just conclusion.

Contact information:

Senator Chris Van Hollen 202–224–4654

Senator Ben Cardin 202–2 24–4524

District 1 Representative Andy Harris  202– 225–5311

District 2 Representative Dutch Ruppersberger  202–225–3061

District 3 Representative John Sarbanes  202–225–9219

District 4 Representative Anthony G. Brown  202- 225-8699

District 5 Representative Steny Hoyer  202-225-4131

District 6 Representative John Delaney  202-225-2721

District 7 Representative Elijah Cummings  202-225-4741

District 8 Representative Jamie Raskin  202-225-5341


Amid growing concerns that the White House may fire Robert Mueller, both Houses of the Legislature have prepared bill's to protect special investigations, investigators and prosecutors.  These people must be free to follow sources to the ends of the trail so that Justice can be served.  President Trump has signaled increasing displeasure with the indictments and direction Robert Mueller has taken in pursuit of justice and in upholding the Constitution.  He and his team as well as any others to follow him, need the security to do the jobs to which they are appointed without interference from hostile suspects, even if they occupy the White House! These bills offer that protection.  Please make these calls today, to let congress know how important this issue is to you.


Senate Bill —— S. 1735

House Bill——  H.R. 3654

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