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Action-A-Day 11/9: Save our National Forests

ACTION: Call Maryland Senators Chris VanHollen 202-224-4654 and Ben Cardin 202-224-4524 and ask them to vote NO on HR 2936!

SAMPLE SCRIPT: My name is _______________ from [zip code] and I am calling to ask Senator ________ to vote NO on HR 2936 “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017”. This bill aids the logging industry and has little to no regard for the health and conservation of our National Forests. Wildfires are a serious problem, but large scale logging projects without environmental safeguards or public input put us at even greater risk.

BACKGROUND INFO: On 11/1/17 the House passed HR 2936 “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017” with a vote of 232 to 188.

The bill is touted as bi-partisan legislation that will strengthen our national lands. However, only 10 of the votes in favor were from Dems and provisions in the bill do far more harm than good.

The bill does nothing to lessen the burden of firefighting costs in the Forest Service’s annual budget. Instead, it puts an emphasis on approving massive logging projects to remove trees and make way for roads in an effort to prevent widespread forest fires.

A waiver listed in the bill would allow projects of 30,000 acres to be approved without a review of the environmental impacts. Additionally, the waiver would not require that the public be notified of the impact, a requirement currently in place under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Massive logging projects can be detrimental to native habitats for the endangered plant and animal species that reside there. Our national forests are home to over 400 threatened or endangered species or animals.

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