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Action-A-Day Tuesday, 11/28/17——— Tax Reform Bill: Call These Swing Vote Senators!

CALL TO ACTION —— Call your Senators and these swing vote Senators ( listed below) to soften tax reform and insist that it is equitable for all all Americans.  Your calls may also help codify DACA, save Healthcare repeal (AGAIN), and save all tax payers a heavy burden of tax increases over time.

TO DO NOW/THIS WEEK——Make calls to the Senate:

1). Call your Senators now. Ask them to vote against the Tax Reform Bill!

2) Call the GOP members of the Senate on the list below and help persuade them to also vote NO to the Tax Reform Bill.  Each of the following Senators already have the reservations listed below.  Encourage them in their No vote!

3). Engage your friends, family and rapid response teams to also make calls to their Senators and the list of Senators provided.

Call these members of the Senate now: 

Susan Collins of Maine.  (202) 224-2523  She is concerned that the tax bill repeals Obamacare health protections. She also wants SALT ( State and local tax credit) to remain in the tax code.

Bob Corker of Tennessee. (202) 224-3344 He is concerned mostly that this bill increases the deficit. Encourage him to vote no.

Jeff Flake of Arizona.  (202) 224-4521 He is concerned this bill increases the deficit. Encourage him to vote no.

John McCain of Arizona. (202) 224-2235 He is concerned that this bill increases the deficit.  He is also worried that hard-working Americans will be paying higher taxes under this bill while wealthy Americans in the top 1% will pay less for nothing.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. (202) 224-6665  She wants the tax bill separated from healthcare repeal and she wants the healthcare markets stabilized before tax reform continues.

Rand Paul of Kentucky. (202) 224-4343  He wants the corporate tax rate lowered from 35% as it is now, and the 20% that is in this tax bill, down to 15%. He also has stated he will not vote for the Reform Bill if any other provisions are removed. While his reasons support “bad” tax reform policy, his No Vote helps the progressive and fair causes, of reasonable tax reform. 

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. (202) 224-5323 He is concerned this bill codifies passthrough tax exemptions for the wealthy, allowing business owners and large corporate owners to avoid paying any personal taxes by claiming all their money is part and parcel of their business.

Joe Donnelly of Indiana. (202) 224-5323  He is on the fence. Encourage him that this bill is bad for working people. Let him know that this tax reform hurts those Americans who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families through education and hard work.

Jerry Moran of Kansas.  (202) 224-6521  He opposes the repeal of Obamacare in the tax code;  he does not want individual health insurance mandates mixed with tax policies. He also is concerned with increasing the debt and and the deficit.

James Lankford of Oklahoma.  (202) 224-5754 Is concerned with the tax bills impact on the federal debt. He wants the bill amended to address those concerns.

BACKGROUND —— Many of us have made calls to our congressional representatives already.  But NOW is the time to call our Senate members and engage with the Senators of other states to help persuade them that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Reform Bill is actually Bad for OUR Democratic Republic.  This bill will change the laws which currently govern the IRS tax system permanently.  Many additional items are hidden in this tax code which eliminate protections for healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, DACA, and immigration. All while increasing your tax bill, cutting your benefits under the existing laws and cutting provisions for other necessities.  It allows pass through taxation for wealthy corporations allowing millionaire/billionaire business owners to avoid paying any taxes.  It eliminates all estate taxes, allowing for the accumulation of wealth for the top of the wealthiest Americans, increasing their power and limiting 99% of Americans say or effective power in government.  Radically speaking, this bill is the next CitizensUnited step towards moving America into Oligarchy and away from Democracy.  


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