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Action-A-Day, Tuesday, 11/14/17. No Theocracy! We Want Democracy!




Preserve the Johnson Amendment.  Say NO To The GOP Tax plan components which will erode our basic rights to freedom from governmental interference in our religious institutions.


1). Call your representatives and tell them you support the current law which prohibits houses of worship, as well as ALL tax exempt organizations, from endorsing and opposing candidates.  Tell Congress that “Tax reform” shouldn't mean that churches can endorse candidates and play politics.

Sample Script:  Representative/Senator _____________________ , I strongly demand that you uphold the constitution and the Separation of governmental interference into religious institutions/churches.  Please remove all language in the Tax Reform Bills which repeals or nullifies the Johnson Amendment.  I do not want politics in my religion or religion in my politics.  I want to preserve my rights and freedoms.

Find your Congressional Representatives and Senators here:

2) Share this CTA widely with friends, family and your rapid response teams!


The GOP tax reform plan has many questionable new proposals.  Some of which will do real harm to working people.    But perhaps the most daunting assault in this tax package is the intent to double down and erode real religious civic freedom, by eliminating the Johnson Amendment’s Protections. 

Under the GOP tax plan, the Johnson Amendment which maintains a wall of separation between religious freedom and government intervention, will be taken away.  Big donors or Corporations will be allowed to funnel cash through places of worship and other charitable organizations, to then later be donated to political campaigns. These new tax shelters will then be free to play politics with religious belief, controlling voters from the pulpits with no transparency of who is behind these actions.  This is dangerous for America.

Theocracies are forms of government where the rule of law and culture is dictated by the elite religion which holds political power and control.  Once the United States starts down that slippery slope, we will slowly watch as religious freedoms and civil rights are restricted based on the power structure of the Theocracy.  True freedoms of religion as well as reason will be supplanted.  The Land of the free could become the land of enforced doctrine and beliefs.  But whose beliefs will be allowed to prevail?  Which version of what religious books will be codified into law? Will ethics, equality and morality give way to Wealth, Creeds and Oaths?  

Religious ideals and our right to them was seen as an unalienable right at the formation of this nation. It is guaranteed by the First Amendment.  We all must do our utmost to preserve and protect that very treasured of all documents which is our most common bond: The Constitution of the United States of America.  

Support keeping the Johnson Amendment.  It protects the integrity of houses of worship and our elections. Current law ensures that houses of worship aren’t transformed into political tools by candidates seeking power. That is likely why the vast majority of Americans believe houses of worship should stay out of partisan campaigns. No one wants our charities to be torn apart by partisan campaign politics, including houses of worship and charities themselves. Over 4,200 faith leaders, 5,500 nonprofit organizations, and 103 religious and denominational organizations have urged Congress to keep the current law in place.


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