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Action-A-Day, Tuesday 10/31/17, No One is Above the Law!


On Monday, October 30, 2017, Robert Mueller announced his first indictments regarding the continuing investigation into Russia’s involvement and possible collusion with the Trump campaign in 2016. Three individuals have so far been named and arrested.  Trump has continually denied any involvement and he has lied and attempted multiple times to stop this investigation.  For some time he has signaled an intent to try to fire Special Investigator Robert Mueller.  The speculation seems to center on who is charged and/or whatever Trump’s ‘mood’ is on any given day.  Trump has admitted that he fired FBI Director James Comey because he didn’t like how he was conducting the Russia investigation.  It is entirely possible he will try to do the same thing with Mueller.  Many people believe the future of the Republic is dependent upon the public’s response as well as that of Congress and other members of this White House.


1).  Prepare yourself to respond and join one of the many groups in your state if Mueller is fired or another power grab occurs.  Rallies will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing: 

    •    If Mueller is fired BEFORE 2 P.M. local time —>  events will begin @ 5 P.M. local time

    •    If Mueller is fired AFTER 2 P.M. local time —> events will begin @ noon local time the following day

    ◦ please confirm details on the event page, linked below in the Additional Resources Section.   Individual hosts may tailor their events to their local plans.

“This is our moment to stand up to protect our democracy. We must mobilize to show that we won't let Donald Trump become the fascist-authoritarian that he aspires to be. The law applies to all of us.  Nobody, especially not the President of the United States, is above the law.  It's essential that our leaders understand this also applies to the most powerful people in our country.  And due process must continue unfettered.”———-

2)  Read the included resources below.

3) Contact your Rapid Response teams, and have them ready to go.  Share this Call to Action far and wide on Facebook, email and word of mouth.

4). Review the Carroll-CAN Call To Action from Thursday, October 19, 2017. 

BACKGROUND :  **Donald Trump is publicly considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, the person leading the Department of Justice investigation of possible illegal actions by Donald Trump, members of his presidential campaign, and their efforts to conceal those activities. If Trump were to attempt this firing, it would be a constitutional crisis for our country. It would demand an immediate and unequivocal response to show that as Americans, we will not tolerate abuse of power from Donald Trump or anyone in the highest offices of the land.  Our response in the minutes and hours following a power grab will dictate what happens next, and whether Congress—the only body with the constitutional power and obligation to rein Trump in from his rampage—will do anything to stand up to him. 



Materials and information to help you prepare to respond to a PowerGrab

Links to Maryland Events pre-organized:

MD: Baltimore, Bel Air, Catonsville, Silver Spring


How Mueller Could Be Fired:

Business Insider:

NPR: 10/30/17 8:41 AM ET

**Excerpts above from

*Tips:  What To Do If You Find Yourself In An Escalating Situation

This call to action is inspired by the work of and Indivisible.  

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