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Action-A-Day 10/25: Fight Trump's ACA Sabotage: Spread Awareness of Obamacare Open Enrollment

The Trump administration's drastic cuts to Obamacare advertising & outreach are making it harder for people to find out about the open enrollment period to sign up for 2018 health coverage.  

The ACA Signup Project -- a grassroots campaign by Indivisible -- is working to fill the void & increase public awareness about the open enrollment period, which runs from Nov 1 - Dec 15. Help more people have a chance to access health insurance by getting word out about open enrollment. It's easy, it makes a difference, and you don't even have to call your Members of Congress!  

Facebook:  Make this open enrollment graphic for Maryland Health Connection your Facebook cover image. Download the graphic from Carroll CAN on Facebook (go to Photos or Files) or at Google Drive:

Twitter:  Follow & retweet the ACA Signup Project (@2018ACASignup).

In real life:  Are you willing to post print flyers in locations around Carroll County? Let Carroll CAN know & we can supply you with flyers and suggested locations for posting. Email us at or post in the comments if you're seeing this on Facebook.

Want to do even more to promote open enrollment outreach? Join the Maryland ACA Open Enrollment Project, a public group on Facebook.

Help friends in other states get involved. Find working groups for other states at ACA Signup Project.