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Action-A-Day for 10/19: Protecting Our Democracy: Tell Trump He Can't Fire Mueller

The Senate Intelligence Committee made clear on October 4 that they will not be investigating Trump’s obstruction of justice attempts—they’re looking to special counsel Robert Mueller. It is now more crucial than ever to protect Mueller and his investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election.

We must stand up for a core principle of democracy: the law applies to all of us, even the President of the United States. Although Trump cannot fire Mueller directly, he could make various moves to oust Mueller, such as firing Jeff Sessions  (who recused himself from the Russia investigation) to allow appointment of a new Attorney General whose authority would supersede that of Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who currently oversees Mueller.

Ask Congress to prevent Mueller from getting fired. It is the duty of Congress, as a separate co-equal branch of government, to guard against abuses of the Executive Branch. Our elected officials need to speak out and make clear that firing Mueller would be a red line that Trump must not cross. We should also commit to taking immediate nonviolent action challenging Trump's political interference in the Russia probe in the event of the firing of Mueller.

Our response in the minutes and hours following a power grab will dictate what happens next, and whether Congress -- the only body with the constitutional power and obligation to rein Trump in from his rampage -- will do anything to stand up to him.

1.  Contact your Members of Congress (MoC) & urge them to co-sponsor legislation to protect against a Mueller firing. See sample call script below.

  • Senators can co-sponsor S. 1735 led by Senators Graham and Booker, and S. 1741 led by Senators Coons and Tillis.
  • Representatives in the House can co-sponsor H.R. 3771, led by Rep. Jones and Conyers.

2.  Share this information with friends & family.  Help them find their MoCs at Find Your Representative at or look up Senators by state at

3.  Indivisible is teaming with a coalition of groups to host emergency rallies in the event Mueller is fired. Let Carroll CAN know if you'd be interested in an emergency "Nobody is Above the Law" rally locally if Trump fires Mueller. Email us at or comment"#NotAboveTheLaw in this post on Facebook.  

To find rallies around the country, use the map or search tool at Indivisible's Mueller firing rapid response website. If you choose to attend an event, you agree to engage in nonviolent, peaceful action, to act lawfully, and to strive to de-escalate any potential confrontations with those who may disagree with our values.

Caller: Hi! I’m a constituent from [part of state] I’m calling to urge [MoC] to use every tool in the toolbox to prevent Trump from firing Special Counsel Mueller. I’m concerned he may do that, launching a constitutional crisis. Will [MoC] speak out and tell the President that firing Mueller would be a red line he must not cross?

Staffer: Thank you for your call. [MoC] is monitoring the various investigations closely and is letting them run their course.

Caller: That’s good, but it’s really important for Congress to assert its power now to prevent Trump from firing Mueller. I’d like to see [MoC] issue a clear statement on this, and co-sponsor [H.R. 3771/S. 1735 or S. 1741] to show [his/her] support for protecting Mueller and the investigation.

Staffer: We’ll take a look at that legislation.

Caller: Great, I’ll be following to see if [MoC] co-sponsors and speaks out on this.

CTA language and call script adapted from Indivisible.
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