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Action-A-Day for 10/11: Tell Congress to Prevent a Spiral of Nuclear Proliferation

Trump is threatening to blow up an international deal that verifiably blocks Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. October 15 is the next deadline for certifying to Congress whether Iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear agreement.  Trump has threatened to withhold certification -- which would open the door for Congress to kill the deal.

If the U.S. unilaterally withdraws, despite Iran's compliance and our allies' commitment to the agreement, Iran is likely to resume developing nuclear weapons. This could take us closer to war with Iran.

Ask Congress to protect the successful Iran nuclear deal and refrain from actions that undermine it.

1.  Use this form & talking points from the Arms Control Association to write a brief note to Congress.  
Tell Congress to Prevent a "Spiral of Proliferation"

2.  You can also call your Member of Congress

3.  Ask family & friends to contact their Members of Congress. Share Indivisible's "Trump Is a National Security Threat" guide, which includes sample town hall questions.


  • International inspectors have confirmed that Iran is adhering to the deal.
  • More than 80 nuclear nonproliferation experts reaffirmed support for the Iran nuclear deal, in a joint statement issued September 13, 2017.  
  • Under the deal, Iran agreed to continuous monitoring by the IAEA, reductions & limitations in uranium enrichment, and acceptance of U.N. oversight.
  • Scrapping the existing deal would allow Iran to produce as much enriched uranium or plutonium as it wishes. This is why Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster have argued against withdrawal from the accord.

Trump's case against the Iran nuclear deal has very little to do with nuclear weapons

The Iran nuclear deal, explained in fewer than 500 words

Contradicting Trump, U.N. Monitor Says Iran Complies With Nuclear Deal

Information for this CTA is from the Arms Control Association and Indivisible