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Action-A-Day for Tuesday 10/10/17: Time to DO MORE about ENDING Gun Violence in America


Gun Safety clearly is a complex and emotionally charged problem. But it is a public health and safety concern at its core. Time to DO something about it. We have unpopular but life saving seat-belt and speed limits. We have fire codes and smoking restrictions in public places. We have nutrition guidelines And suggested limits on alcohol consumption. From one failed attempt at a shoe bomb, we have millions of people removing their shoes daily at airports world wide. We can pick at each of these. We can be annoyed with them as well. But they all are in service of better safety for everyone. It's time we stop closing our eyes to the destructive capacity of guns. The bump stock, the suppressor (or silencer), armor piercing bullets, open and conceal carry all need our attention.  They are reasonable places to start and they don't take away gun ownership rights;  but clearly these issues alone, won't be enough to end the destruction at hand. Let's start the conversation about what really will. This requires people of good will and sound judgement to come together to build reasonable safety around the American Obsession with guns. For decades our leadership in congress has continued to fail us on this issue. Time for a ground up, grass-roots movement for change.

TO DO NOW: Here are four options to get you started:

1).  Make calls to Senators and Representatives:

Here is a list of the senators and representatives (with phone numbers) who receive the most funding from the NRA. They have offered their sympathy and prayers to those wounded and to the families who lost loved ones in Las Vegas. They have not, however, proposed any legislation that would reduce gun violence.   Let's call them and let them know what we think of their heartfelt prayers but total lack of action. Feel free to remind them that this ISN'Tjust a state by state constituency issue.  It crosses state lines.  And those of us out of state, we can certainly donate to their opponents' campaign in their upcoming state primaries, if they won't take this seriously at long last.

Sample Script:  Dear senator/ congressman: Iam calling today regarding the unfettered gun violence in our country. While I am aware you have sent your prayers and offered sympathy to victims and families of victims, this is empty without action to follow it up.   I can't help but notice, that you haven't yet put forth any legislation to help ensure the safety of all Americans here at home.  It is time to put these childish ways aside, stand up for what is right and just, and claim gun safety as your number one priority.  Stop bowing down to the money provided by the gun lobby.  While gun ownership is a privilege and at present a right, it is not anyone's right to take the lives of innocent victims. You would not stand by and allow 30,000 Americans to die from vehicular accidents on our roads, so why allow maniacs to take those lives violently and without consent?   I call on you to be reasonable and guard the rights of every individual to pursue life and liberty without fear and death facing us each time we leave our homes.  End Gun Violence Now!  Stop gutting gun safety legislation.  We are watching you!  

Senatorsphone numbers : 202-224 + the extension listed below
McCain- 2235 (Over his career John McCain has receivedmore than $7,740,000 from the NRA and gun lobbyists)    

Burr - 3154
Blunt - 5721        

Tillis - 6342        

Gardner - 5941
Rubio - 3041        

Ernst - 3254        

Portman - 3353        

Cassidy- 5821

Congressional phone numbers- 202-225 + the extension listed below
Hill - 2506        

Buck - 4676        

Young - 5476            

Simpson - 5531
Young - 5765        

Smucker- 2411     

Poliquin - 6306

Sessions - 2231
Comstock- 5136


2). Engage people in the conversation that makes a difference.   Start thinking about how gun safety can be achieved.  You just may hold the answer to this problem and working together we may solve it.

3). Start your own ground up legislation against gun violence of all kinds.

4).  Sign this petition to encourage Congress to STOP GUTTING federal gun safety laws.

You can stand with CT Against Gun Violence by signing their petition here.


On the night of October 1, 2017 our nation experienced one of the worst random mass shootings in U.S. history, with at least 59 people killed and more than 500 injured when a shooter opened fire on a crowd of people attending a Las Vegas music festival.  Mass shootings have become all too commonplace. From Orlando to Newtown;  and now to Las Vegas, too manylives have been lost. And still Congress has yet to focus on the epidemic of gun violence. In fact, Congress is actually considering real-time legislation that would deregulate silencers/suppressors — making it even harder to identify where gunshots are coming from in mass shooting situations like what happened in Las Vegas.  In these moments it can be hard to know what to do.  You can start by supporting campaigns you feel will help address gun violence. The organization CT Against Gun Violence has started a petition calling on Congress to stop gutting federal gun laws. 

CT Against Gun Violence has fought for stricter gun laws across the country — including in their home state of Connecticut, which has the second strongest gun laws in the U.S. and the fifth lowest rate of gun deaths. In the wake of Las Vegas, they’re hoping they can rally Americans to call on Congress to strengthen gun laws that keep Americans safe.  The timing is urgent — Congress is actually considering making it easier for people to carry concealed weapons across state lines without any background checks, as well as making it easier for people to obtain silencers — two things that could make mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas an even more regular occurrence.


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Shared Credit for this CTA goes to Cathy Stogel of Together We Will Maryland