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Action-a-Day 10/1: Service Sunday-Providing Aid to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico over a week ago now, leaving behind total destruction.  Nearly 3.4 million people live on the island of Puerto Rico and most are without power or access to clean water. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and should be given aid as a state would after a natural disaster, but that is not happening.  The people of Puerto Rico are desperate for help.  The island needs both immediate help as well as long-term aid.  Most organizations are asking for cash, as it is easier to distribute than supplies which is a major problem currently, with much of the infrastructure destroyed. 

Below are some resources for more information about how you can help:

PBS NewsHour article with a list of organizations providing aid

New York Times article with how to help


CNN article about destruction and lack of aid getting to Puerto Rico

I also found this article helpful about how to decide where to donate.  It can be overwhelming to try and choose who to help and how with multiple hurricanes leaving many in need in the past month.