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Action-A-Day: 1/24 Stop Trumps #SwampCabinet is encouraging everyone on #ResistTrumpTuesdays to go to their Senator's district office. This week the focus is to tell your Senator why Trumps Cabinet is not what you or America needs.  Has your Senator already decided to vote against a particular Cabinet Member? Tell them you like that!  They respond well to feedback and need to know we support them.  

If you want to find a planned rally to go to your Senator's office in a group, look

Or go by yourself or with a friend.  Here are some tips from the Indivisible Guide

Cant go? CALL! That is always great.  Sample script "Hi I am NAME, I am a constituent and I want the Senator to know that I appreciate that he is voting NO on (Cabinet Nominee)."  or "Hi I am NAME, I am a constituent and I want the Senator to vote no on (Cabinet Nominee) because (short reason or personal story)

Senator Ben Cardin

Baltimore Office                           Cumberland Office

100 South Charles St.                                              13 Canal Street, Room 305
Tower 1, Suite 1710                                                   Cumberland, MD, 21502
Baltimore, MD, 21201

(202) 224-4524

Senator Chris Van Hollen

(I dont see his local offices, they might not be established yet. here is the d.c. office)

B40C Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

 (202) 224-4654

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